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  • PCL Reconstruction Surgery in India

    The PCL prevents the leg bone (tibia) from moving backward on the thigh bone (femur). It usually tears when there is an impact from front on the leg bone like falling down on the knee or a dashboard injury in a car.

    The PCL may tear completely or come off from its attachment on the leg bone. It is diagnosed by excessive posterior (backward) movement of the leg on the thigh bone. It is reconstructed using spare tendons in the body. Tunnels are drilled through the thigh and leg bone and either end of the graft fixed with a button on the thigh bone and a screw on the leg bone.

    This technique unlike the ACL involves working in the front and back of the knee. Gravity is against the PCL so a long knee race with a posterior support is used for 6 weeks and rang elf motion till 90 degrees is allowed in a tummy down or prone position. Partial weight bearing is allowed immediately after surgery using crutches. Full weight bearing without support or a brace is allowed in 6 weeks. Running/ jogging at 6 months and return to sport at 9months -1 year.

    If the PCL comes off from the leg bone it can be fixed back through arthroscopic techniques. The arthroscope is introduced through the back of the knee, the bony fragment of the PCL is stitched through arthroscopic techniques, a tunnel drilled through the tibia from front to back and two ends of the sutures used to stitch the PCL delivered in front of the leg and tied over a button. Bone to bone healing is faster. Rehabilitation is same as a PCL reconstruction.

    What is PCL reconstruction surgery?

    PCL or posterior cruciate ligament is the strongest ligament of the knee. While an ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is injured more often than PCL, it still accounts for more than 20% of the reported knee injuries. The most important function of PCL is to prevent posterior translation of the knee at higher knee flexion angles.

    PCL injuries are are classified as per the amount of injury to their functional ligament:

    • Grade 1 PCL Sprain: partial PCL tear
    • Grade 2 PCL Tear: near complete PCL tear
    • Grade 3 PCL Tear: complete PCL tear

    PCL reconstruction surgery is the rebuilding process of a torn posterior cruciate ligament in the knee. PCL tears usually occur due to a trauma such as falling on the knee or automobile accidents, they are common sports injuries and cause severe pain and disability.

    PCL reconstruction surgery is done using knee arthroscopy, it's a minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon makes multiple small incisions around the knee joint and inserts a narrow fiber optic scope, also called an arthroscope, to examine the knee condition. An arthroscope is helpful in removing the damaged ligament and replacing it with a graft. PCL reconstruction surgery uses an autograft or an allograft to replace the ligament.

    Different treatment approaches for PCL reconstruction in India?

    The different approaches for PCL reconstruction are:

    • Bracing
    • Arthroscopic single-bundle PCL Reconstruction
    • Rest and Rehabilitation Exercises
    • Open avulsion PCL Avulsion Fixation
    • Arthroscopic double-bundle PCL Reconstruction
    • Arthroscopic PCL Avulsion Fixation

    The treatment best suited for the patient is decided by the surgeon based on the individual situation. To ease the shortcomings, the doctor can suggest either a non-surgical intervention or a surgery, it mainly depends on the evaluation done by the doctor.

    What is the cost of PCL reconstruction surgery in India?

    The cost of PCL in India is approximately USD 3,500 to USD 5,000 or 3,00,000 to 7,00,000 INR. The cost of treatment varies depending on the city, hospital, and the type of surgical procedure being done.

    Along with the surgery, patients will also have to go through some tests before the posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery which may cost about USD 500 or INR 40,000.

    How to choose a country for PCL reconstruction surgery?

    It could be overwhelming for patients to choose a country where they’ll get the best care and treatment, PCL reconstruction surgery requires the expertise of a well-trained doctor.

    Some of the things to consider before choosing the country for PCL reconstruction surgery are:

    • Pick a country that has advanced healthcare facilities,
    • A country with affordable yet best healthcare facilities,
    • Pick a country that has frequent connecting flight to the home country
    • A country that has a well-developed transportation system to ease the daily commute.

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