• He explained the procedures to me at every step and helped me understand my knee injury in the most simple way. I am also very happy with his personal follow up on my condition post my surgery. His support staff has also been extremely courteous and supportive.

    Yashita Munjal
    Visited For Meniscus Repair

  • I know Dr. Vikram Mahaskar for quite sometime. His diagnosis of injury is superb and so is his surgical acumen. If anyone known to me have any orthopedic problem Dr. Vikram Mahaskar will be the first choice.

    Visited For Meniscus Injury

  • Meniscus Tear Treatment in Delhi

    Meniscus when torn may be removed or repaired. It is best repaired as the meniscus is the shock absorber of the knee, protecting the polish or cartilage of the knee from wear and tear. Depending on the tear pattern various repairing techniques are used using strong suture materials.

    Sometimes when the meniscus is badly damaged and in a zone that does not have blood supply, part of it may have t be removed and this is called menisectomy. However, this is avoided wherever possible. Some tears are only seen on an MRI, also known as intra-substance tears or degeneration, they need no operative treatment whatsoever.