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  • Best Arthroscopic Surgeon In Delhi

    The method of arthroscopy was developed during the early 20th century and it brought about a revolution in the field of orthopaedics. Ever since then, it has been practised and modified worldwide, increasing its efficiency and accuracy. Due to this, in conditions where regular diagnostic and treatment procedures do not work, doctors prescribe an arthroscopy. Below is a thorough description of when you need an arthroscopy, how to prepare for it and why Dr Vikram Mhaskar is the best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi.

    What Is Arthroscopy?

    Arthroscopy is a diagnostic and treatment procedure for joint issues and injuries, which include the knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles and hips. Although it is a major surgery, it involves minimal invasion.

    Arthroscopy is performed by an orthopaedic surgeon. During the procedure, a small incision of about 1 to 2 cm in diameter is made at the site to be operated. Then a thin tube with a fibre-optic video camera at the tip is inserted through the incision. It allows thorough imaging of the internal region and helps the doctor to identify and diagnose the problem. To treat a condition, the surgeon would make one or more incisions as needed and insert another pencil-thin instrument. They use real-time video using the camera to monitor the movement of the instruments.

    This whole procedure is performed after injecting the patient with anaesthesia which could be:

    • Local anaesthesia: It is given for a simple diagnosis or treatment that would not require a long time. The patient stays awake during the surgery but would not feel anything more than a slight pressure or movement.
    • Regional anaesthesia: It is injected in the lumbar vertebrae of the spine to numb the upper or lower half of the body as required.
    • General anaesthesia: This is administered to keep the patient unconscious during a surgery that lasts for a longer duration.

    Arthroscopy helps to diagnose and treat major conditions which would otherwise require open surgery.

    Why Do You Need Arthroscopy?

    Joint bones have a more complex structure than other bones in our body. Hence, sometimes, X-rays, MRIs and other imaging methods cannot identify the cause of the pain or discomfort. In such conditions, arthroscopy is performed to determine the problem through the internal inspection of the joints. Also, this method helps in treating several conditions without open surgery.

    Some conditions include:

    • Tear in the ligaments
    • Internal scarring in the joints
    • Inflammation in the joints
    • Tear or damage in the cartilage
    • Loose bone fragments

    Who is the best arthroscopic surgeon in India?

    Dr Vikram Mhaskar is the best arthroscopic surgeon in India, and here’s why.

    • Dr Vikram Mhaskar has specialised training in knee and shoulder surgeries
    • He has extensive training in minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery and has gained expertise from over the world.
    • An avid sportsman himself, he has been associated with the ICC and FIFA and understands the needs of an athlete and the importance of staying active even more.
    • He is the recipient of many awards during his fellowship that stands as testimony to his surgical skills.
    • The recovery following the procedure is faster, and you can get back to your routine faster.
    • He is double board-certified and fellowship-trained in the latest advancements in orthopaedics, which gives him an edge.
    • His advanced techniques, combined with unsurpassed surgical skills, offer the best clinical outcomes in recovery.

    Diseases Treated by Arthroscopic Surgeons

    Arthroscopy is a procedure to diagnose and treat joint problems. An arthroscopic surgeon has specialized in the technique of arthroscopy to diagnose and treat conditions such as:

    • Inflammation in the smooth lining of the joint such as the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc.
    • Injuries occurring due to
      • Rotator cuff tendon tears in the shoulder
      • Impingement syndrome
      • Shoulder dislocations that occur frequently
      • Meniscal tears are more common in the anterior cruciate ligament
      • Wearing away the cartilage cushion that acts as a shock absorber 
      • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears leading to or with knee instability
      • Carpal tunnel syndrome 
      • Loose pieces of bone and or cartilage, especially in the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, or wrist

    Dr. Vikram Mhaskar is the best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi who is skilled at performing all kinds of arthroscopic procedures.

    Which hospital is best for surgery in Delhi?

    There are multiple hospitals that are best for arthroscopic surgery in Delhi, and their USP s include the following.

    • A hospital that has always been at the forefront of advancing medicine and offering the latest advancements in treatments since its inception.
    • Doctors who have national recognition for quality and clinical standards, and are committed to patient care, research, and education.
    • Choose a place that has the highest importance for maintaining service quality and retaining patient satisfaction.
    • One that incorporates state-of-the-art facilities in various departments and the latest monitoring systems ensures that you are in safe hands.
    • Having doctors that are board-certified, gives an edge in excellent patient care and renders great results.

    Dr Vikram Mhaskar is the best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi, with excellent results. Dr Vikram Mhaskar is associated with Sitaram Bhartia Hospital and is equipped with the latest infrastructure and rehabilitation facilities for knee and shoulder surgeries.

    Is arthroscopic surgery successful?

    • Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to repair and treat internal joint structures.
    • The procedure involves smaller incisions, and hence there is less trauma.
    • Minimal or no blood loss makes it more comfortable for the patient.
    • The recovery is faster with an arthroscopy since it is not as invasive, and you can return to your routine within a couple of days.
    • The muscles and tendons are not cut like in open surgery, and hence there is a very low risk of infection.
    • The pain and swelling following an arthroscopy are less than in traditional joint surgery.

    How much does arthroscopic knee surgery cost in india?

    The cost of arthroscopic knee surgery ranges from Rs 65000 to about Rs 2,00,000. The cost of the procedure may vary and depends on:

    • Your joint condition,
    • The location of the hospital,
    • The expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure,
    • The additional costs involved in the treatment.

    How much does arthroscopic knee surgery cost in Delhi?

    The average cost of arthroscopic knee surgery in India can range from INR 80,000 to INR 2,20,000, including hospitalisation and postoperative management. However, the cost of arthroscopic knee surgery may vary depending on factors such as,

    • If the surgery is performed on one or both knees
    • Numbers & type of implants used.
    • General costs of the hospital chosen for the procedure
    • General fee of the surgeon
    • The city where you need to undergo the procedure 
    • Type of anaesthesia administered
    • Comorbidities such as diabetes, liver or lung disease, etc
    • Your medical history 
    • Underlying condition or disease for which surgery is chosen.

    Prepare For An Arthroscopy with the Best Arthoscopic Surgeon In Delhi?

    Although arthroscopy is highly efficient, you need to take several precautions before and after the surgery to prevent any complications. Following are a few points to help you prepare for an arthroscopy.

    Before The Surgery

    • Your doctor might ask you to stop taking certain medications and food supplements. This is to reduce the chances of any possible complications, like thinning of blood leading to excess blood loss during the surgery.
    • Depending on the anaesthesia to be administered, the doctor would advise you to stop taking solid food a few hours before the surgery.

    During The Surgery

    • Right before the surgery, the doctor would ask you to take off the jewels, watches and heavy clothing. Light surgical clothes make it easier while undergoing the surgery.

    After The Surgery

    • Right after the surgery, the doctor would advise you against driving. Also, you should avoid heavy exercises and physical activity that would put a strain on the operated region.
    • Wear loose clothing to prevent further irritation on the operated site. This would also allow the wound to heal properly.
    • Take proper medications as prescribed by the doctor. It would usually include painkillers, antibiotics and other medicines.
    • Follow the R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate) method. This method prevents swelling and any chances of blood clotting in the operated region, soothes the area and allows it to heal quickly.

    Tell me a little bit about the shoulder joint?

    The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint. The socket is small and the ball big, thus we can move our shoulder almost 360 degrees. However this comes at a price, it is inherently unstable. To make it stable, the socket has its edges lifted up much like a plates edges that prevent the food from spilling out of the plate and here the balls from moving out of the socket. This banking is made of cartilage and is called the labrum. Around the shoulder are muscles that also contribute to stability. The muscles that facilitate movement of the shoulder are attached via ropes (tendons) on the ball (part of the arm bone, humerus). These are called the rotator cuff tendons. Above these tendons lie a bone called the acromion, and the space between the tendons and the bone are very little. Apart from the ball and socket (gleno-humeral) joint there are two more joints that form a part of the shoulder joint complex. The joint between the collar bone and chest (sternoclavicular joint) and the acromioclavicular joint. They facilitate only about 10% of shoulder functions with 90% being done by the ball and socket joint.

    What are the common arthroscopic procedures in the shoulder?

    Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

    This is a procedure where the banking (lifted edge of the socket) is repaired back via arthroscopic surgery in patients who have recurrent shoulder dislocations. It is a successful minimally invasive surgery with return to normal activities in about 4-6 weeks and sports in 6 months. We use all suture anchors for this so there’ll be no plastic/metal screw in the shoulder usually.

    Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair

    This is an arthroscopic procedure where the torn rotator cuff tendons are repaired back with anchors (little plastic screw with threads attached to them). The rehabilitation is for around 3 months and return to normal activities takes around the same time.

    What is Frozen Shoulder and how is it treated?

    Sometimes the shoulder gets stiffer than usual. This usually starts gradually (freezing stage:2 months) , gets frozen (Frozen stage 1-2 months) and then opens up gradually (thawing phase 2-4 months). This is usually a self limiting disease but very debilitating. It occurs more commonly in diabetics and the treatment is initially physiotherapy, later a mild steroid injection in the shoulder, with 70-80 % people getting ok with one or both treatments. However if it persists over 6 months, arthroscopic release can be performed that facilitates full movement almost immediately after surgery.

    Can arthritis affect the shoulder and how is it treated?

    Yes however it becomes debilitating usually later than knee arthritis as the shoulder is a non weight bearing joint. The treatment range from local physiotherapy to ease the pain to joint replacement surgery. If surgery is required (usually when the pain is very severe, affecting sleep and at rest), it could be :

    • An anatomical shoulder replacement: Pre-requisite is that the rotator cuff needs to be intact.
    • A reverse shoulder replacement: Done in rotator cuff arthropathy where there is arthritis in the setting of a dysfunctional rotator cuff.

    Can shoulder fractures be treated without open surgery plates and screws?

    Yes, we specialize in treating fractures with wires from the outside fixing the bone, without any external cut. These can be done in certain fractures but not all.

    Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

    Why Choose Dr Vikram Mhaskar?

    Dr Vikram Mhaskar is the best arthroscopic surgeon in delhi. He is an arthroscopic specialist with several years of experience and expertise in inpatient and outpatient treatments. Having a long list of happy patients, he is the best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi. He has performed several simple and complex surgeries, and keeps abreast with the latest treatment methods and techniques.

    Dr Mhaskar is currently associated with Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research, Delhi. The hospital is equipped with top-notch treatment facilities and the staff highly value patient comfort and well-being.

    When looking for the best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi, visit Dr. Vikram Mhaskar at Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research or dial +91-9818806857 for a consultation call.