• Very much polite friendly and explained in detail problem and diagnosis, treatment pros and con's over three/four sessions. Dr. Vikram Mhaskar is very competent, explains in details the problem, treatment and other queries of the patient till patient is satisfied and thus win faith of the patient.

    Visited For Knee Replacement

  • I got my Mother in law's both knees complete replacement surgery done from Dr. Vikram Mhaskar, and what a fantastic job done .!!! My in-law started walking in just 2 days... She was suffering from pain and couldn't even walk for 1 min... Dr. Mhaskar is friendly and highly skilled .. His approach towards patients is very professional and ethical... I would recommend each and everyone who wants to get any kind of Knee and shoulder surgery or just consultantion please see him once...he will surely guide you through best treatment... I seriously can't thank enough to Dr. Vikram Mhaskar and his team for looking after us Pre and Post operational treatment's

    Yogita Malhan

  • Doctor experience was awsmmm ....we all agree with Dr. vikram' treatment and hospital was also good .....thnk u so much Dr. vikram.....

    Abdul khaliq
    Visited For Knee Replacement

  • Partial Knee Replacement in Delhi

    The knee joint is where three bones meet, the femur (thigh), tibia (leg) and patella (knee cap). The area where they meet is covered with a polish called cartilage. This facilitates smooth movement between the bones with less friction.

    As we get older or due to certain diseases the cartilage gets destroyed and bone rubs against bone causing friction and pain. Cartilage cannot be produced by the body and thus needs to be replaced with another smooth surface. The knee is preserved buy a cap around 1cm thick is put over the knee that reduces friction and acts like cartilage.

    When the loss of cartilage is only in one third of the knee, either the inside, outside or knee cap region, then a cap needs to be put only in that compartment. This is known as partial knee replacement. This can be Medial or Lateral unicompartment knee replacement or patella femoral knee replacement.