• Dr. Vikram Arun Mhaskar is one of the best knee surgeon in Delhi. I had a great problem in mobilizing due to meniscus tear. He operated my knee and cured me. He is one of the finest doctor I ever met. I am thankful to him and suggest other patients to take his consulting. All the best for future endeavours to Dr. Mhaskar. Regards.

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  • Dr. Vikram Mhaskar is very friendly and helpful by nature and also able to understand the nature of illness and explained it very politely. Before stating and after surgery he is able to explain in detail about the nature of treatment. Very friendly by nature and by profession.

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  • Other Knee Procedures

    What are the other potential arthroscopic procedures in the Knee?

    The other common arthroscopic procedures are:

    • Removal of loose bodies(fragment of bone)
    • Removal of small benign tumours
    • Certain fracture fixations
    • Stiff knee release

    How do loose bodies form?

    Sometimes due to injury where small flakes of bone separate in the knee or due to spontaneous decrease in blood supply to a particular area of the knee makes that part of the bone eventually separate or also as a part of a systemic disease (chondrmatosis), loose bodies can form.

    What is the rehabilitation post a simple arthroscopy?

    The patient can weight bear a couple of hours post surgery and ambulate with a stick. Once the patient feels confident that may range from a day to 3-4 days the stick is discarded and the patient can walk without support. We do most arthroscopies as a day care procedure.

    Can Fractures be fixed arthroscopically?

    Certain fractures in the knee (osteochondral fractures), are fixed via an arthroscopic technique described by Dr. Mhaskar, that has been published in a leading journal.

    Can stiff knees be released by arthroscopic surgery?

    Causes of stiffness arise from within the knee (intraarticular) and just outside the knee joint (extraarticular). Intraarticular stiffness can be released arthroscopically and we specilaise in the same with numerous satisfied patients.

    I have knees that are bow legged and it hurts on the inside can they be corrected?

    Yes, deformity correction is an integral part of our repertoire of surgeries. This is done by a technique called high tibial osteotomy. This essentially means artificially cracking the leg bone to correct the deformity and fixing it with a strong plate.

    Can stiff knees be released arthroscopically?

    What are the other potential arthroscopic procedures in the knee?