• He explained the procedures to me at every step and helped me understand my knee injury in the most simple way. I am also very happy with his personal follow up on my condition post my surgery. His support staff has also been extremely courteous and supportive.

    Yashita Munjal
    Visited For Meniscus Repair

  • I know Dr. Vikram Mahaskar for quite sometime. His diagnosis of injury is superb and so is his surgical acumen. If anyone known to me have any orthopedic problem Dr. Vikram Mahaskar will be the first choice.

    Visited For Meniscus Injury

  • Meniscus Repair in Delhi

    The meniscus aresemi-circular (‘C shaped) shock absorbers of the knee, protecting the articular cartilage or polish of the knee. When the meniscus is removed pressure over the cartilage increase substantially much like riding a bike without shock absorbers. Repairing a tear is critical to restore the knee to its original anatomy and provide cushioning to the cartilage.

    The meniscus either tears at its attachment at the back on the bone (root tear), throughout its length from front to back and gets stuck between the knee (bucket handle tear) or horizontally like a sandwich being cut into an upper and lower half (horizontal tear or a tear splitting the meniscus into a front and back portion (radial tear) or a combination of the above. The meniscus is then repaired according to the tear pattern using specialised devices and sutures.

    Its takes 6 weeks for the meniscus to heal. Till then range of motion is limited to less than 90 degrees, weight bearing is limited in the operated leg and crutches with a race used while walking. At 6 weeks full rang elf motion is permitted and supports taken off.