• Dr. Vikram Mhaskar was good, friendly, polite. Yes my problem and diagnosis was explained in detail. Dr. Vikram Mhaskar was good in nature and explained the problems nicely. He motivated me too much and was anytime available on phone. It was a good experience with doctor.

    Akshya Bhayana
    Visited For ACL Reconstruction

  • He was very good. He was available on phone anytime and provided all the information. The surgery went well and he kept me updated regularly.

    Ayaana Sriram

  • ACL Reconstruction in Delhi

    This is a procedure done when the Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. The ACL provides stability to the knee in a front to back and rotational plane. The ACL tears in the middle or at either ends.

    When it tears in the middle, it needs to be made again or reconstructed using spare ropes (tendons) in our body. These tendons (most commonly the hamstrings) are harvested using a small incision in front of the upper leg and fashioned into a ligament. The thigh bone (femur) and leg bone (tibia) is drilled at the anatomic location of the ACL. The graft is then passed through the tunnels and fixed with a button that has a loop on the femur and a plastic screw on the tibia.

    Dr.Vikram Mhaskar’s technique is a biological technique which involves preserving the old torn ACL as much as possible as this provides added stability as well as blood supply to the new graft.Typically, the graft takes 4-6 months to get its blood supply and become a part of your body. Till then sports, and running are restricted. Crutches are used for about 2 weeks, then a short knee brace for a month.