ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost In India

ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost In India

24 Aug, 2022

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is repaired or rebuilt during ACL surgery The ACL is an important soft-tissue present in the knee that joins the two bones, namely- the femur and tibia. ACL tears, whether partial or full, are common injuries among athletes.

It is a surgical procedure in which the torn ligament is replaced with a tissue graft in place of the original ACL. ACL reconstruction is the most common treatment for a torn ACL. The new ACL graft tissue is either obtained from the patient’s body or given by someone else.

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Table Of Content

  1. Why is ACL Reconstruction Surgery Required?
  2. What is ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in India?
  3. Why Choose Dr. Vikram for ACL Reconstruction Surgery?
  4. FAQ’s

1. Why is ACL Reconstruction Surgery Required?

The majority of ACL injuries occur during physical activity like sports and exercise that might strain the knee:

  • Abrupt slowing down and reversing,
  • Wrongly landing after a jump,
  • Sudden halting,
  • A direct impact on the knee.

The objectives of ACL reconstruction include:

  1. Reestablish stability,
  2. To aid in the preservation of the entire active range of motion,
  3. Isometric ligament performance.

The normal ACL offers functional stability by preventing rotational and anteroventral translational displacement. Reconstruction surgery for a total ACL tear is typically scheduled for three to six weeks after the accident. This enables the localised inflammation to go away.

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An Orthopedic surgeon chooses when reconstruction surgery should be performed based on:

  • whether any other injuries need to be addressed right away,
  • the knee's external appearance,
  • The patient's level of discomfort,
  • The patient’s range of motion, and the extent of muscle control when flexing (bending) or extending (straightening.

According to some research, delaying ACL reconstruction surgery for six months or longer after injury lowers the likelihood of a clinically significant outcome. It also increases the likelihood that you may require additional revision surgeries. Please schedule a consultation with us for the best ACL reconstruction surgery cost in India.

Both the graft materials that can be employed and reconstruction methods differ. Different surgical therapy options may be available depending on the patient's symptoms and severity of the disease. The cost of the procedure is variable, and ACL reconstruction surgery cost India Differs based on these factors.

2. What is ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in India?

Here is a list of the cost of ACL surgery in various cities of India.


Average Price

Price Range (Min-Max)

New Delhi

Rs. 152341

Rs. 48000 - 720000


Rs. 118167

Rs. 65000 - 254500


Rs. 242532

Rs. 126134 - 385450


Rs. 142953

Rs. 60540 - 650000


Rs. 102765

Rs. 43678 - 179800


Rs. 138210

Rs. 62700 - 320000


Rs. 241849

Rs. 126024 - 385340


Rs. 90476

Rs. 40730 - 376890

3. Why Choose Dr. Vikram for ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

  • Everyone who is a patient receives individualized care. We're committed to improving your interaction with us, and so is our qualified staff.
  • Additionally, we provide patients and their families with the convenience of having quick access to an excellent team of best knee doctor in delhi and personnel all in one place. Each step of the surgical procedure is explained to you in detail, and we address all your questions as we work with you one-on-one.
  • Dr. Vikram Mhaskar is an expert in ACL reconstruction and an avid sportsman who understands the importance of an active lifestyle.
  • With us, you will receive a comprehensive price for ACL reconstruction surgery cost India.
  • Throughout your treatment, we're committed to giving you top-notch services. We always focus on doctor-led and patient-centered care at all times.
  • You are a unique individual with unique wants, requirements, and circumstances in our eyes.
  • Your quality of life is our daily goal, and our staff is committed to implementing this philosophy in patient care.
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4. FAQ's

1. How much does an ACL operation cost?

The cost of an ACL surgery depends upon:

  • The type of graft used,
  • Injury severity,
  • Surgeon's fee,
  • The expense of the examinations, which includes blood tests, radiology, etc.,
  • The cost of anesthesia,
  • Surgical disposables,
  • The facility's infrastructure,
  • Whether additional surgery is required,
  • Choice of the hospital: location and accreditations,
  • Experience of a surgeon,
  • Room type.

Our ACL reconstruction surgery cost India prices are the best with us, and we offer transparency in our discussion with you.

2. Is ACL reconstruction a major surgery?

After an ACL injury, surgery for ACL repair can assist the knee joint in regaining stability, function, and range of motion. Like any other surgery, ACL restoration is a frequent yet serious procedure with some risks. However, for the majority, the benefits exceed the hazards.

3. How much does ligament surgery cost in India?

The ACL ligament surgery cost range between Rs 50,000/- to Rs 7,00,000/-. However, this cost may vary depending upon many below-listed factors.

4. Is ACL surgery painful?

Because of the drug that was injected into your knee during surgery, it will feel numb and less painful immediately. The most intense pain typically lasts for one to two days before fading away gradually. Take your recommended medication as soon as you feel the analgesic's effects fading.

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