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  • Patellar (Knee cap) Surgeries

    How does my knee cap stay in place?

    The knee cap has a convex undersurface that sits on a concave part of the thigh bone or femur. It is kept in place by the inherent stability provided by this anatomy and a rope like structure on the inside of the knee called the medial patella-femoral ligament (MPFL). The thigh muscle (Quadriceps) and the patellar tendon are attached to the top and bottom of the knee cap and also contribute to keeping this joint stable.

    Why does my knee cap move out of its place?

    If the groove is too shallow due to manufacturing defect, or the MPFL ligament gets injured the knee cap can move out of its place. Other causes could range from knee malalignment (knock knees) that could contribute to this.

    How do we confirm this?

    This is confirmed by aclinical examination followed by an Xray , MRI and sometimes a CT scan.

    How do we treat this?

    This is treated either with physiotherapy by strengthening the quadriceps muscle. If this happens more than once the treatment varies from reconstructing the MPFL ligament, to deepening the groove. Sometimes realignment of the tibial tuberosity where the patellar tendon attaches may be required.

    What is the post op rehabilitation?

    This depends on the type of surgery. In an MPFL reconstruction typically a brace is applied allowing full movement of the knee for 3 weeks and weight bearing as tolerated with a crutch for the same period. The brace is taken off at 3-4 weeks. Patients usually return to sport in 6 months. Further details will be discussed by the surgeon.

    How successful is the surgery?

    The surgery is very successful, the key being the diagnosis and cause. Our surgeon having trained specifically on patellofemoral surgery in France keeps you in the best hands.