• Dr. Vikram Mhaskar was good, friendly, polite. Yes my problem and diagnosis was explained in detail. Dr. Vikram Mhaskar was good in nature and explained the problems nicely. He motivated me too much and was anytime available on phone. It was a good experience with doctor.

    Akshya Bhayana
    Visited For ACL Reconstruction

  • He was very good. He was available on phone anytime and provided all the information. The surgery went well and he kept me updated regularly.

    Ayaana Sriram

  • ACL Repair in Delhi

    The ACL when come off from its attachment on the femur or tibia with or without a piece of bone attached to it can be fixed back to its attachment by arthroscopic techniques.

    The advantage is that the technique is completely biological, preserving the native ligament. If the ligament comes off with a piece of bone, healing is faster as bone to bone healing is quicker. The cut end is stitched arthroscopically and fixed over a button at either end. If the ligament has come off without a bone piece then apart from stitching the cut end, a thick tape is passed through the ligament at its centre and fixed at either end with a button. This acts like a strut through the existing ligament much like putting a smaller diameter pipe within a larger diameter broken pipe, providing both stability and potentiating healing in the right direction.

    At times one bundle of the ACL may have pulled out of its attachment and the other torn. In this scenario, one bundle is repaired back to its attachment and the other reconstructed using a graft. When only a repair, typically a brace is worn for 1 month and patient allowed to bend <90 deg. Weight bearing with a long knee brace is permitted immediately after surgery with crutches. After 1 month the long knee brace is replaced with a short one and crutches are done away with. Full range of motion id allowed after 6 weeks.