Meniscus Suturing

Meniscus Suturing

26 Mar, 2020

What is Meniscus Tear?

Meniscus is a piece of cartilage, that is, a soft rubber-like structure that provides a cushion layer between the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shinbone) of the knee. There are two types of Menisci in each knee joint of the legs,one on the inner (medial menisci) and the other is on the outer side (lateral menisci).

Meniscus tear is a damage in the cartilage that is located on the top of the tibia to allow the femur to glide when the knee joint moves. Meniscus tears have a C- Shape appearance due to its position. Which is why, we need both physical and diagnostic examination to know whether a medial or lateral meniscus is damaged. It is necessary to find out the specific part of the cartilage which needs to be repaired.

What causes the Meniscus Tear?

An unnatural over-rotation of the leg can cause the cartilage of either of the menisci to tear partially or fully. Sportspeople who are related to basketball, football, baseball and other sports tend to occur these kinds of knee injuries.

But in the case of adults, meniscus tears can happen due to age-related factors, commonly, deformation of knees (osteoarthritis) or degenerative issues (wear and tear). Usually adults are more prone to these factors, as their menisci weaken or thinner with age.

Symptoms of Meniscus Tear

Symptoms of meniscus tear come in front of the patient usually after two to three days, when the knee becomes uncomfortably swollen or stiff. In some cases the patient will be able to walk after the injury but may suffer from; inability to bend or extend the knee, instability or popping feeling, and catching and clicking sensation during mobility.

Diagnosis of Meniscus Tear

For the diagnosis of meniscus tear, you need to require a proper medical history, imaging tests including X-rays and MRIs, physical examination in which the doctor can ask you to walk or perform squats to determine the pinpoint and severity of the tear.

Treatment for Meniscus Tear

One of the trusted ways to repair the tear is meniscus surgery, where the major goal is to protect the meniscus by repairing or removing the torn part. These days the medical advancement has made it all a little simpler, with the latest technique the torn ends of the meniscus can be stitched back together through arthroscopic surgery. With this method of meniscus suturing the surgery ensures fast recovery.

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